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If you don't become a self made millionaire within the next 5 years with 21st Century's 5 Year Membership we'll give you 100% of your money back plus send you to Fiji for a week's holiday for your efforts on us. Why? Because we know for the last 10 years we have helped people retire and Become millionaires. We are prepared to guarantee the results, if you commit to our education, otherwise it’s free.


Unfortunately many Australians will lose their jobs in 2009 as the Global Credit Crisis continues. So far Australians have been shielded from the deepening deterioration of the US and worlds economies as they slip into recession. However now leading economists expect 300,000 Australians will lose their jobs in 2009 and unemployment rate will go from 4.4% to as high as 8 to 9% by 2010. However, in 2009 it’s likely Australians will begin to feel the full effects of the world recession as many lose their jobs and the jobs boom of recent years is now over. This will impact hard on many people especially generation X and Y who have never been in a working career through a recession before and only know of boom times where jobs and money and easy credit were plentiful. Most people only have one form of income being their job, so technically most Australians would be only weeks away from bankruptcy if they lost their jobs. Very few invest into their financial education to build a second or third income-stream well before they lose their jobs, so if they're made redundant it doesn't affect their lifestyle.

Do you already have a second or third income in place? If not, now would be a good time to develop a financial education and build a second or third income from many strategies taught at 21st Century such as share renting, selling insurance on the share market, E-minis or internet online incomes or incomes from real estate. Jamie McIntyre, who you may know from his bestselling book "What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had" which you requested some time ago in the form of a DVD or eBook, learnt 15 years ago from his earliest millionaire mentor that to be truly financially successful you need numerous forms of income. And Jamie from that day onwards began to build up a second and third form of income and to this day has build over 15 forms of passive income that diversify his income against a recession and provides a lot more security verses many of his friends at the time who didn't commit to a financial education and developing multiple forms of income.

If you don't yet have a second or third income when would you like to get one? Jamie reveals all his strategies for developing multiple incomes to diversify yourself to become recession proof in his Homestudy program and live seminars which you can access from as little as $25 per week, as a 21st Century Homestudy Member and it comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. So if it's not for you then you have a zero risk education.

Can you afford to continue in a world recession that's only going to worsen before improving, with many leading economists predicting America could end up in a severe recession or even a depression with only your job as a sole income and expect to be able to sleep peacefully at night?

Don't become a recession statistic and get left with only one income, in the form of a job which if it is lost, spells bankruptcy for many or certainly a significantly reduced quality lifestyle. Avoid the stress, pain and heartache, RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW! Start developing a second and third income now so you can become recession proof and ride out the world recession and global credit crisis in safety and not only survive but thrive in the global credit crisis. Do I need capital to develop a second income? In some cases yes, in others no. There are many strategies that require zero capital and others that require some capital, however you'll learn how to access capital for things such as share renting or selling insurance.

How do I get started in becoming recession proof?

Getting financially educated is your first step. Simply order your 21st Century Homestudy Membership

From as little as $25 per week and with a 100% 90 day money back guarantee you can learn how to start developing a second and third income within 90 to 180 days or less and make yourself recession proof. What do you have to lose? Nothing as it comes with a 100% money back guarantee But what if you don't take action now and develop your second and third income and you get the tap on the shoulder in 2009 saying, "sorry but you've been made redundant", like the 14,000 Rio Tinto employees or 1000 Macquarie employees recently and many others. Many lost their jobs by just a tap on the shoulder and were given minutes to pack their belongings and then were escorted from the building. This is just the beginning... In 2009 more Australians will lose their jobs than imagined and most are not prepared in the slightest. Most Australians have no idea just how severe the global downturn will be and for how long. Don't be a victim of the world recession but be prepared for opportunity so you and your family can not only survive but thrive in the challenging times ahead. Order now, as it's best to establish these additional incomes whilst you still have a job so that it won't matter in the future if your job disappears. Phone:

With a Wealthy Mindset®just imagine the financial freedom to take all the holidays you want. Pay off your mortgage in no time flat. Send your kids to the best schools. Update to a brand new car. Own your own holiday home in any part of the world, and support your favourite charities. And that's just an average year!

Sounds amazing right! Yes it's easy to believe achieving all of this is too good to be true? What if thousands of people are actually achieving such results in their lives every day, not from applying some secret formula or unknown strategies, but from applying some of the same knowledge and focus used by some of the wealthiest people in Australia, and the world.

Regardless of your age or current situation, is financial freedom attainable for you?

Now’s your chance, at no cost to you, to discover new income generating strategies: enquiries@wealthymindset.com.au