Questions and Answers

Q: Should I use a local share broker or an Australian Licensed Share Broker and if so how do I find one?

We suggest that you use an Australian broker and with the 21st Century Homestudy 24 Months Membership you will receive access to licensed share brokers.

  • They fully understand the strategies as they speak for the Academy and work with our clients all the time.

  • They are also investors themselves so they actually operate many of the strategies as well.

  • We make them available to Homestudy Membership clients to ensure every client is fully supported and can implement the strategies. They can also provide ongoing support and have access to licensed individuals who can look at your personal situation and provide advice if required.

Q: How does the 90 day 100% money back guarantee work?

It’s very simple. You have 90 days from the day you order the Homestudy to study it and if you don’t believe that you can profit by at least 10 times the course investment (ten times $3,995 or nearly $40,000) then you can return it to us for a 100% refund. Refunds are then processed within 30 days of us receiving the program back.

Q: How many people ask for a refund?

We have a refund rate of approximately 7% to 8%, i.e. 92% to 93% of our clients never request a refund and anyone who has been entitled to a refund has always received it no questions asked. This is done to ensure you have no risk in purchasing the program and can be guaranteed that what the program promises can be done in reality as long as you are prepared to take action.

Q: Can I take a payment plan option?

Yes. About 60% of our clients take the payment plan option as it preserves their cashflow and works out at approximately $49 per week (charged at $199 per month). Those who pay up front in full receive a significant discount, thus they only pay the early bird rate of $3,995 plus $45 postage and handling

Q: What seminars are included with my Membership and how long do I have to attend them?

  • 1 x 4 day event only

  • Bring spouse if registered for a 4 day within 21 days

  • Bring a teenager

  • Unlimited 4 day events for 5 years

  • Unlimited Seminars for 5 years

  • Spouse 5 years Seminar membership

  • Bring teenager/or bring a friend offer

Q: Can I do these strategies on the share markets outside the Australian and US markets

The share strategies covered in detail in the Homestudy by licensed brokers use Australian shares as examples. However, you can use these strategies in any share market that has a liquid options market as long as it trades in US style Options. You can do it in many markets around the world, however we recommend you use the Australian Market for the following reasons. For New Zealand clients you will simply need to use the Australian market and not even consider the New Zealand market as it isn’t possible at this point in time.

  • It’s just as easy to use the Australian market as it is to use your local market (i.e. just one phone call a month to a licensed broker - it doesn’t matter where they are and free call numbers are available for New Zealand).

  • The Australian market can be very profitable.

  • You can use the US Share Market, however we recommend to start with the Australian market due to the extra support we can provide. Once you become experienced with the strategies you may consider using the US market but it is not necessary.

  • The program is based on using the Australian market so examples always refer to Australian examples.

  • The Australian Options market is the third largest in the world, which means there is generally very good liquidity for trading and it is considered the second best in the world outside the U.S. share market.

  • Time difference is quite alright for both New Zealand and Asian clients as the US market isn’t.

  • When you purchase the Homestudy Program you get ongoing support from our Australian licensed brokers. You can have a share account application and margin loan application (if you wish to borrow money) sent to you free of charge once you receive the Homestudy Program and they can implement the strategies for you. Remember it’s just one phone call a month and many of our clients have supplemented their income within 90 to 180 days of purchasing the Homestudy. However, we suggest practicing for at least several months. You also get access to our Online Forum simply by going to our website and clicking on Discussion Forum under Resources Section to ask your questions and network with other like-minded individuals.

Q: If I’m from New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, Asia or America do the strategies still work and how much do I pay?

Yes, the strategies work wherever you live in the world with a few exceptions. The share strategies are best done on the Australian Market or the US Market, which anyone in the world can easily access.

The success principles and the mindset of a millionaire are applicable no matter where in the world you live. The property investing strategies vary from country to country and the property strategies covered are predominantly tailored to the Australian, New Zealand and UK Property Markets. However, if you live outside these countries this is a good insight to investing in these property markets as they represent some of the best property markets in the world. An average person can become rich in a reasonably short period of time from property, i.e. 5 to 15 years or less.

However, the principles for property investing can be adapted to other property markets, especially the United Kingdom and the United States. Other emerging property markets such as Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America can also provide great property investing opportunities as well.

Q: Am I charged in my local currency for the program?

The programs are charged in Australian dollars no matter where you live, so if paying for it by credit card, your credit card company will automatically convert it for you on your credit card statement. The Australian dollar is approximately $0.65 to the US dollar (as of early 2009) however this can vary.

Q: If I don’t have a credit card can I still buy the program including the payment plan option?

Yes. In Australia you simply deposit your Homestudy Fee into:

Bank: BankSA

Account Name: GR & C Horsfall

BSB: 105-135 Account No.: 518790940

Other Countries Contact Greg enquiries@wealthymindset.com.au or Phone +61 8 8388 5642

Q: How can I order the program and how long does it take to be delivered?

The easiest way to order is to go to www.wealthymindset.com.au/membership and order online.

Australia Phone: 1800 248 784 Fax: 08 8388 5570

International Phone: +61 8 8388 5642 Fax: +61 8 8388 5570

The programs are usually shipped within 48 hours, however this is not always possible. You should allow 14 to 21 days for delivery however it often arrives sooner. If it hasn’t arrived within 21 days please email Greg enquiries@wealthymindset.com.au so they can track where the program is.

Q: Why does the 21st Century Homestudy Membership cost the price charged?

  • Firstly, the cost of something is relative, i.e. is it expensive or cheap to do the course if you learn how to make $2,000 to $5,000 many months of the year or more for the rest of your life from just one strategy? After doing the course, many clients realize the education the program provides is very inexpensive.

  • When you consider what it costs to go to University compared to a modern day Education for Life, the costs are a lot more than $49 per week or $3,995. And does one’s University fee come with a ten times your money back guarantee or it’s free? A University degree even though very valuable, doesn’t even guarantee a job, let alone skills that can produce real life results, such as an Education for Life.

Q: Why isn’t the Homestudy Free?

You should consider the following:

Do you work for free in your job or business? If not, why not?

  • 21st Century is committed to donating the initial 3 hour DVD and E-Book, plus provide a team available to answer questions at no charge to over 100,000 individuals, which is quite generous considering the expenses involved. However, for those requiring further training, support and access to Licensed Share Brokers, Property Sourcing Team, Accounting and Finance Brokers to help implement the strategies it requires a membership fee.

  • From experience, Jamie found that those truly committed to changing their life wouldn’t hesitate to invest into their own education.

  • Jamie used to do it for free and found people don’t value something as much if it is free, as a result they have a lower commitment, and thus achieve poorer results.

  • 21st Century isn’t for uncommitted people, thus by charging it eliminates those who are not committed enough to improving their life and to invest in their own education.

  • Life is often a reflection of where a person is at, Jamie invested over $100,000 into seminars and education to learn these strategies and as a result became successful faster than most people. Those who are reluctant to invest in their education often don’t realize this is reflected by the universe being reluctant to allow wealth to flow into their lives.

  • The course comes with a ten times 90 Day 100% Money Back guarantee, thus 21st Century has removed the risk for those committed to having a go and wishing to invest in the program.

  • It costs millions of dollars a year to run the 21st Century Group of companies and due to the demand Jamie is only prepared to help those who are willing to help themselves. For instance, ignorance can be more expensive than education. Can most people afford to continue to miss out on $2,000 to $5,000 most months of the year in extra cashflow that many clients can produce within 90 -180 days of doing the Program?

For any further questions, feel free to contact me – Greg Horsfall


Phone: 1800 248 784

Fax: 08 8388 5570

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