It is essential that you register which 4 Day Event you are likely to attend immediately after enrolling or within 30 days as this extends your Membership from 2 years to 5 years for free and gives you free unlimited seminar revisits for 5 years. To select which 4 day event you would like to attend email Greg enquiries@wealthymindset.com.au You can change from one event to another at no charge by giving at least 14 days notice prior to the event. We recommend that you register for your seat As Soon As Possible - first come first served and you will receive far greater value from the program the sooner you attend the 4 day event. To change your event, again email Greg enquiries@wealthymindset.com.au





* The normal Homestudy Membership is generally 2 years. To qualify for the 5 year Membership, including bonus 17 and 18, you simply have to nominate the 4 Day Education For Life event you wish to attend within 30 days of enrolling and attend one within 12 months from the time you enrolled. Otherwise your membership will be covered for 24 months only.